How to get there

Gljúfrasteinn-Laxness museum in the valley of Mosfellsdalur is only 20 minutes away from Reykjavik on the way to Þingvellir National Park (Thingvellir) on the Golden Circle route.  

By car
Driving from Reykjavik, take road 1 to Mosfellsbær. Just beyond the town limits, look for the junction on the right to Thingvellir. There you turn right into Mosfellsdalur. Gljúfrasteinn is 4.5 km down the road on your right side. You can see the white house on the hill from a distance.

By bus
Bus 15 drives from Reykjavík to Háholt  in Mosfellsbær. From the Háholt busstop a pre-booked bus 27 (taxi) takes you to the Laxnes busstop in Mosfellsdalur. You can plan your trip on the strætó website.

To pre-book the bus 27 (taxi) from Háholt you need to call (+354) 540 2740 at least half an hour before the scheduled time.

Bus 27 (taxi) goes according to this schedule:

Mon-Fri from Háholt Mosfellsbær to Laxnes Mosfellsdalur
12:16   16:16   18:16   20:45   22:45

9:00     12:20   16:20   20:45   22:45

Sundays and holidays
12:45   16:45   20:45   22:45

Mon-Fri From Laxnes to Háholt in Mosfellsbær
12:24   16:24   18:24   20:53   22:53

Please contact staff for further information or visit this website:

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